Saturday, September 06, 2008

Restaurants in Rio

This holiday I've mostly been sleeping, running and eating! So far we've been to the following great restaurants (I won't bother mentioning the not so great ones):

  • Academia da Cachaça
    Greatly expanded in size, still a great informal Brazilian "tapas" style cafe. Best Caipirinhas in town.
  • Giuseppe Grill
    Great beef and seafood restaurant. A bit pricey by Brazilian standards.
  • Restaurante Giuseppe
    Same owners as the grill, and just around the corner, but the menu is more traditional Italian. The gnocchi is fantastic!
  • Mini Mok
    Sushi and other Japanese treats. Very small place, very tasty food. Recently changed name from "nobu" but the menu is the same. Nothing to see on their website yet.
  • Fellini
    The "kilo" across the road, probably the best restaurant of this type in Rio! You select from a large buffet and pay by the weight. (WARNING: terrible website)

I think next we'll have to try some of Mindy's recommendations:

In other news: I've been keeping up with the running, I train for 3 days and then take a day off, yesterday I managed 22.5km, but I was fairly slow given the heat! If it gets too hot I have the option of paying R$40 for the gym across the road, but I've only had to do that once.