Sunday, March 07, 2010

Software for Clear Skies

(No - not an airline post!) In Ireland we have clear skies today and can see things we can't normally see! This is such an unusual event I figured I'd post a couple of recommendations for those people who like to know what they are looking at.


Free planetarium software for your PC or Mac, set your location to Dublin and fast forward to tonight to see what types of stars and patterns you'll be able to see. Download from!

Radar Virtuel

The daylight equivalent of star gazing - plane spotting! This online tool allows you to know where those planes you can see are actually going! A mashup of google maps, so you can zoom in on your own county, and air traffic control and ACARS, it shows you real time information of what flights are where. Check it out at!

The Sun

That is what the big bright white thing in the sky is called. Try not to look at it directly. Also, offering it sacrifices won't make it come back more often. Enjoy the Spring!