Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleep, Run, Drink

Yesterday was a great day to start our holidays. Bright and sunny all day but without being too hot (never got above 25 degrees). We got into the apartment around 8am. I unpacked and slept for 3 hours (no sleep on the flight), then I went for a quick run around Lagoa (the lagoon) just at sunset. Finally Academia da Cacha├ža for my caipirinha!

The weather in Rio is not so good today unfortunately. I ran in the morning (along the beach) without getting wet but it has been raining on and off since then!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Starting to blog again - on holidays

I'm on holidays, hurrah!

I'm writing a blog, hurrah!
(On my Nokia N95 which I never bloged about before - more on that soon)

I've still got nothing to say, boo!
(partly why I stopped bloging)

Anyway, we're going to Rio, currently killing 3 hours in CDG, which means we're shopping.

Check back in 24 hours, there's more to come. After we land and I decide between sleep, run or caipirinha.
(unless something interesting happens before that - unlikely, or I get really bored shopping - quite likely - a review of terminal 2E dining options maybe?)

Mark Lenahan
(sent from phone)

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