Saturday, May 01, 2010

Krakow Marathon 2010

From Krakow Marathon April 2010 album on Picasa.

The marathon was well organised and started on time. Unlike me, I showed up late, forgot my sun block, had to rush bag drop and crossed the starting line with 2mins already gone on the clock, forgetting to start my stop watch. On the other hand I probably benefited from the extra 45 mins sleep.

The course was vary pleasant for start and finish. There was a lap around the park at the start, followed by run through the old city centre. Most of the last 10km was along banks of the river and a final 2 laps of the park. The middle section wasn't that interesting, being mostly on a big 4 lane road beside tram tracks. But it had a long enogh loop back section that I was able to see race leaders in men and women categories, and the wheelchair race. Normally the elites are some other world you only see in the TV reports, so it was nice to see them close up and head on.

Not sure what happened with the chip time. Either it didn't read my chip at the start or at the finish but my official time was 3hrs and 39mins, same as it said on the clock when I ran through. So I didn't get my 2 mins back for starting at the back of the field. Anyway, it is not like there's prize money in it, or even a personal record. I'm calling it 3:37. Assuming no more injuries I'll aim for 3:20 in Dublin in October.

At the end of the race my feet were sore, but no blisters or visible signs of damage. I've got mild sun burn on my fore arms, and my face is a bit red. Today, one day later, my legs are starting to get stiff and sore. Not as bad as prior marathons but I expect the discomfort to peak tomorrow... when I'm back in work.