Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bella Dog Blog #4 - About Bella

Rather than flood people with doggy pics and doggy status updates we gave her a separate facebook account:

Bella Lenahan | Create Your Badge

I'm still going to blog about her though, maybe 5 or 6 posts in all, including some resources and info for people adopting. But they'll all be titled "Bella Dog Blog", so feel free to ignore them if you are a cat person!

What we have learned about Bella:

  • Chews up toys to destruction!
    (but leaves our property alone)
    some "Kong" toys are on order.
  • Likes car journeys - looking out the window or sleeping.
  • She is a bit nervous of cars and moving traffic
    (which might explain her injuries when she was rescued.)
  • She likes other people, children, and other dogs.
  • She sometimes gets hyper and has to be ignored (but watched) until she calms down.
  • Opportunistic food thief.
  • Utterly obsessed with balls of any kind or size!
  • Accepts a bath though she doesn't like it,
    (similarly - tooth brushing.)
  • Toilet trained
  • Will sleep anywhere as long as we are nearby.
  • No separation anxiety that we can see, though still delighted when we come back.
  • Has very tender paws - though hopefully they will recover if we keep them dry.

Yesterday she was generally happy though nervous, today she is a lot more settled in, hasn't stopped wagging her tail and following us about. She is less nervous and seems a lot more settled. I think she is going to be very happy!