Thursday, April 28, 2011

My dog smells like horse

I've never seen Bella happier than when she finally returned from her mad race around Belleek woods showing off her latest find. Horse shit. About 10 kilos worth, and she wore it proudly. At 20 meters I could see the problem - her normally white collar, now bright brown, the rest of her jet black coat now speckled. At 10 meters I could smell the problem - even down to identifying the species (I grew up in the country, I'm sometimes surprised at what sticks).

The next 6 hours were quite stressful for both of us. The last day of a long weekend in Mayo thus got off to a stressful start.

First I made her sit in the bank of a small lake while I tried to rinse it off with my hands. She didn't mind. Then using a whole pack of baby wipes on her - she didn't like that much. (Also used wipes on myself - the lake thing really only spread it around). Then driving back to my parent's camping park with the windows open, and putting her under the hose out back. She didn't like that at all. Only cold water, and she's not big on bathing in general. An hour of running around the long grass (she liked that) while I changed and washed, and also cleaned out the car, and she looked OK. We could still smell it though.

No choice at this point but to start the long drive home. 4 adults in the car, including 2 unlucky ladies who had to sit either side of Bella. Windows open, 250 km, 3 hours. The car smelt a bit funny the whole journey, though generally if the wind was right and she was lieing down it wasn't too bad. (Like being within a mile of some stables, or driving through the wealthier side of Wicklow). Finally we got home and I carried her upstairs and put her in the bath. Proper dog shampoo this time and smell was reduced to the point you had to be within a few inches to get anything at all.

All in all it was a very tiring day for Bella. Running, swimming (twice), a run around in the forest, a long drive (which takes a lot out of her) and 3 baths. When she got to her bed she collapsed with a sigh and was asleep instantly. About an hour later I saw her legs twitching and she was making "huff huff" noises, barking in her sleep.

No doubt dreaming about the brief but glorious 60 seconds she spent pretending to be a horse.