Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I make The Mayo News


Daniel Carey of Mayo news interviewed me about my marathon experience and it came out today. I'm famous now! The interview came out very well, pretty much exactly what I said and it has a good word to say about Mum & Dad, Paula and Kevin and provides URL of our web site and the donation page, which is great.

I'm slightly embarrassed though, I understood that I would be one of multiple runners interviewed rather than having the spotlight on myself. With 11,000 entrants I think there were many runners from Mayo probably more well known and certainly faster than me. Anyway, no real cause for complaint.

I just noticed, the results page is back online, and a few quick queries (search by category) yielded some interesting facts:-

  • F70 - Five women over the age of seventy finished, three of them under 5 hours
  • M80 - Three men over the age of eighty finished
  • M75 - Two men over the age of seventy five finished in under 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • F60,F65,F70 - 58 women over sixty finished, one of them, Hilary Webber from the UK, beating me by 7 minutes

I actually admire those runners more than the elites who regularly beat 2 hours 30 minutes, whom I never even get to see. I don't really care about going any faster, but I'd love to still be running in 30 years time.