Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dublin City Marathon

This year I'm going to try and run a marathon! (Note: I said run, not race.) I've entered for the 2007 Dublin City Marathon on Monday 29th of October. This is my first time, I'm 36 and not an athlete, so if I finish it in under 4 hours I'll be delighted.

I've actually entered all of the following series of races, so there's a gradual buildup:

Date Distance Race
Saturday 14th July 20075mi / 8kmAdidas Irish Runner 5 mile
Saturday 18th August 200710mi / 16kmAdidas Frank Duffy 10 mile
Saturday 22nd September 200713mi+ / 21km+Adidas Dublin Half-Marathon
Monday 29th October 200726mi+ / 42km+Dublin City Marathon

"Why?", you might ask...

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get up at 7am one morning and go out running before work. If I can do that, I maybe have the discipline to keep up the training. I can do 10 miles already in about 90 minutes and feel fine the next day. I'm doing about 20 miles a week on average right now.

I entered a couple of weeks ago, (right after the morning run), and I've been telling people about it, so this is probably old news to my readers (all 3 of them - Hi Honey, and hello Mum & Dad). Telling people about it is a part of my motivation strategy - I'll feel stupid if I pull out.

I'll follow up this post in a few days with some recommended reading links on running and my 5 day a week, 19 week, training plan. I just have to write it up first. (I'm not just drawing up plans and writing blog entries - I ran 8 miles today.)

Wish me luck...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weekend in Mayo

I went home to Belleek Park for the weekend. As well as doing a few odd jobs around the park (including a bit of garbage collection), I updated the images on the web site.

You can see more images of Ballina area here:-
These were taken in a rush on Monday evening when we realised we needed more pics for the Ballina page!

Some more pictures of the site here:-
Most of these were actually taken by my Dad and Mum over the past couple of months.

All in all I had a good long weekend. I took Tuesday off so I could avoid the worst of the weekend traffic (drove on Sunday and Tuesday), and the weather was fantastic (unlike the rest of Ireland). Back in Dun Laoghaire since yesterday. Next I'm off to London for 1 day. More news coming soon... Dublin City Marathon...