Monday, September 03, 2007

Mobile Blog

Mobile blog from concourse C in Dublin airport. Nothing to say except I'll be in Oslo for a few nights.

(This is a cheap phone, and I can forgive the absence of "blog" from the predictive text, but why didn't it recognise "Oslo"? You'd think the world's capitals would make the dictionary, wouldn't you?)

It'll be late in Oslo when I land. The restaurants close early there too. I'll probably have to settle for a hot dog for dinner.

There are two foods you don't expect in Norway, but in both cases they are everywhere and generally pretty good - hot dogs and waffles. Not sure why that is. Not exactly traditional Scandinavian fare (not sure what I was expecting on that front - maybe lots of seals, killer whales, reindeer and herrings).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dude!!!!

thought it would be good to get at least one comment on your blog!!!

how is Oslo...was planning to go there this summer, didnt get around to it...

hows things wit you???


7:50 p.m., September 09, 2007  

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