Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recipe for Stress

(Originally written offline while on a plane yesterday...)

Here's a recipe for instant stress (but you have to be quite stupid to do this):

  • Book a Ryanair flight for 15:25 (which is 3:25pm)
  • Record said flight in your diary as 5:25pm (which is really 17:45 - see what happened there? As I said, stupid.)
  • Make plans for 2pm lunch in a nice crepe cafe which is on way to the airport. You'll be eating lunch on your own at that time, but that's good for you now and then. (In my case I was hoping to go to Anderson's in Drumcondra).
  • Read your flight ticket at 2pm (1400)
  • Realise your mistake.
  • Panic

To cut a long story short, I made the flight with a lot of running, bad driving, skipping lunch, short-term parking (4 days - oh shit!), and more running.

In fairness, there's no way I could have left the office earlier anyway given what I needed to do today. (That's what I'm going to say when I claim the parking in my expenses...)

Cure For Stress

I think a glass of white wine, a pizza slice, a cup of tea, and a chocolate muffin. And taking time to enjor them.

(The one thing I like about Ryanair, apart from Michael O'Leary being my hero - and I don't need to fly Ryanair to watch the O'Leary show - is the food: (a) you have a good choice of stuff and (b) you get it sooner because only people who really want food will pay for it.)

I'm a bit more relaxed now.

Upcoming news...

I'm on my way to Oslo until Friday. Saturday I have a 10mile race (see prior blog below). Sunday I have flights to Orlando. All day meetings there Monday & Tuesday. Fly back to London Tuesday night, get some sleep on Wednesday. All day meeting on Thursday in London (Crawley). Back home that night. So if you have trouble getting in touch with me, now you know why. Fun fun fun...