Saturday, July 14, 2007

Run run run...

Apparently there were nearly 3,000 people on the run this year compared to only 2,000 last year. The sun came out for most of it, but it remained pretty cool, and the road was dry, very light wind, so really perfect conditions. Organisation was good, it started a mere 10 minutes late, traffic was a bit mad getting there, and they could have done with having a few more portaloos. The goodie bags were nice, usual mixed bag of snacks and vouchers, but the T-shirt they gave out at the end is a good one, a proper Adidas running shirt, light polyester wicking material.

This time I ran well, I finished it in about 38 minutes, I think I gained nearly 4 minutes on last year. I probably finished somewhere in the top 800 runners. The main reason I'm happy is that it was my fastest 5 mile run in recent years (i.e. since my early twenties), I only managed to break 40 minutes last Wednesday.