Saturday, August 11, 2007

Some Nice Runs Around Dun Laoghaire

This is for anyone into running and in the Dun Laoghaire area (to be honest I don't know anyone in that category, but who knows who might be searching for this?)

The links below map out a couple of nice runs around Dun Laoghaire. 2 Miles along the West pier and back, 3 miles along the harbour side + East pier and back, and 8 miles to Sandymount (Strand Road) and back. The have a fair proportion of tarmac (asphalt), and are mostly off the main roads, the only downside is that they are very flat, but in a few days I'll put up an 8 mile run around Killiney (Vico road) that should make up for that.

(I run these courses myself quite often, I won't post any run I haven't tried a couple of times.)

I just managed to finish a 10 mile run in 88 minutes, I'm quite please with that, I have a race next Saturday (the Adidas Frank Duffy 10 mile) and I've been hoping to finish it in under 90 minutes, so looking good so far.