Saturday, April 14, 2007

Montreal - OTA 2007 Forum

I'm heading for Montreal tomorrow, I'll be there most of next week, primarily to attend the 2007 Advisory Forum of the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) (check out their funky new website!), the group that helps define the specifications for travel industry XML. Luckily this year I'm not speaking or presenting on any panels, I just get to watch!

I'm pretty sure this is my first time in Montreal, or for that matter Quebec. I've been to Toronto and Vancouver before, and from what I have seen I quite like Canada. I don't have a full week of meetings booked, the OTA forum is really only Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll probably have a half day or two to myself to explore the city. Unfortunately though I have project work to do - so that means I'll be working in the hotel room most of the time I'm not in a meeting.

It looks like the weather in Montreal is going to be a lot colder and wetter than Ireland, and Andrea has the camera with her in Brazil, so don't expect any nice pictures! Looking outside on Dun Laoghaire now it is bright and sunny, with a light breeze, probably close to 15c. Perfect weather for a run.