Saturday, June 17, 2006

Final words on Amalfi...

A couple of more bits about our trip to Amalfi, before I forget...

Hotel Fontana

This is the hotel we stayed in. Nothing fancy, but the rooms were clean, the AC was effective, and for seeing Amalfi the location was great. The service was good also, although the parking service was awkward at times (and €€16 per day). Coffee and cakes for breakfast! Here is the business card:

Piazza Duomo 7 - 84011 Amalfi -Salerno - ITALY
tel. +39 089871530 - fax +39 0898304562
web: / e-mail:


Highlander Pub

(Happy to add a link if anyone wants to suggest one.)
This is a Irish/Scottish/Australian/English pub (really it doesn't seem to know the difference). It is walking distance from the square (through some bizarre Amalfi tunnel streets). Probably due to the time of year we were there but the only atmosphere in the place was what you brought with you (as Keith observed). Having said that, there were some of our party dancing on the bar until 5am one night... (or so I'm told, I wasn't there for that). Here is the business card:

Largo della Zecca, 3


Ristorante Marina Grande

Probably the best of the three places we tried on the sea front in Amalfi. We went twice! Pizza was thin, crispy, fresh -truly the best we had while in Italy (probably the best I've had ever). The starters and non-pizza meals were great also, but the desserts were fantastic! Forgot to pick up a business card, here are some pics:

This is their web page, but be warned, lots of flash you have to watch before it gives away anything useful like a telephone number or address! (Which you can't cut and paste either).