Saturday, May 06, 2006

More Calories for your Buck

I always try and make it to Denny's when I go to the states, or maybe IHOP.

Nobody does breakfast like those boys. This time I had to find the nearest one to my hotel near LAX using Google maps, and walk about a mile and a half. But I had an hour to kill between last checkout time and my ride to the airport, and I was hungry.

So how much food can you buy for $8 in America?

3 pancakes, 2 slices of toast, 3 or 4 slices of bacon, 4 sausages, fried potatoes, and 2 eggs

Did I mention I was hungry?

I'm going to USA again on Sunday, this time to Atlanta for four days. Since I can only eat a meal like about once a month and hope to live until my eighties, I afraid I'll have to give Denny's a miss this time.