Friday, May 05, 2006


This is an interesting online network site, similar to Orkut, Bebo, MySpace etc. but for grown ups. So far, after only a day or two, I've exchanged contacts with people I literally haven't seen for years. The success and usefulness of this type of system depends largely on who is on it already, and getting a critical mass of contacts. Some are just better in certain regions. From my point of view LinkedIn beats Orkut hands down. I actually preferred the Orkut user interface, it just seems that LinkedIn is where the 30-something I.T. crowd are. Sad really if you think about it.

If you want to join and I know you then you can invite me using the email address My profile is at:

Thanks to Andrea for putting me on to this (sorry Dave, Andrea actually told me first.)

This all reads like I'm desperate to find friends. I suppose if I made even a slight effort to be nice to people I'd have kept these contacts in the first place... No, feck it, I'll stick with what I know.