Sunday, May 21, 2006

Malaysia Trip

I'm home. Feeling a bit groggy today, but I slept for 10 hours last night. That was too far to travel for three days work! I didn't sleep well on either flight, but I slept well when I was out there, the Soujana hotel was very nice. The work went very well. Also, I had some beers with my colleagues in Bangsar as planned, and I had a great time.

Home at last and having a slightly belated Birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me a card.

While I've been gone Andrea has been busy blogging and taking delivery of dozens of Asian horror films. Combined with the various Anime box sets we got recently (such as Rune Soldier and Sergeant Frog) we have about 22 DVDs to watch, that's about 30 hours of video! It looks like we won't be renting any time soon, or even leaving the house for that matter.