Saturday, April 22, 2006

OTA Advisory Forum 2006

I'm going to Garden Grove, California next week. It is somewhere South East of Los Angeles, not far from Long Beach. I'm attending the OTA Advisory Forum 2006 meeting.
Location - Google Map

I'll be flying out tomorrow and back on Friday. Luckily direct flights from Dublin to LAX, but what flights, 11 hours each way! I think that is Aer Lingus' longest route, though maybe the Dubai flight is longer.

I'm looking forward to this trip, the forum should be pretty interesting, especially because I'm involved in a large OTA based XML project SITA is working on. I'll be attending the Air Working Group on Monday, and most of Tuesday's events, participating in "OTA and its Industry Partners" and "A Suite of Solutions". I'm not sure what my schedule is for the rest of the week, I may be sticking around for the rest of the forum but I'm hoping to meet some people in Phoenix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop dossing and start thinking about connectivity!

4:33 p.m., April 22, 2006  
Blogger Mark Lenahan said...

Dave (for it is you no doubt),
Do you seriously believe I think about connectivity on Saturday mornings?

1:49 a.m., April 24, 2006  

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