Sunday, October 08, 2006

Winter is here and I have a cold...

I was feeling a bit rough on Wednesday morning, dry mouth, sore head, woozy. How much of that was due to having to get up at 4am, fly to Newcastle, and not get back until midnight, I don't know. But by 7am I felt a good bit worse than I usually do on one of those "silly o'clock" flights. Flying certainly doesn't help. On Thursday it was a lot worse, I had to leave the office early and I ended up staying at home on Friday.

After sleeping until 5pm on Friday I felt a lot better. The cold has moved, turning into a regular case of sniffles and cough. I even made it into town yerterday, though I wasn't feeling great after an hour or two. Today I think I'm OK, so I should be back to 100% tomorrow.

I never get anything without Andrea gettting it too, so needless to say she is a bit worse off than me at the moment. We were planning to go to Mayo this weekend, I even had Monday off, but we'll have to do that next weekend instead.