Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Car is Dead

I'm in an office near Heathrow waiting to meet a customer. I haven't been a good blogger lately, so I thought I'd tell the latest news while I wait.

The car, acquired in January for the bargain price of nothing at all, has probably reached the end of the road. On Saturday night (of all times) on Georges St (of all places) the clutch went. I had to get it towed. I have yet to hear the bad news, but an independant price put replacing the clutch on a Critroen ZX '95 Diesel 1.9L at about €550 plus VAT. Which including the other work needed (locks and windows and electrics), is more than the car is worth. (If you feel differently, let me know!) So now I'm looking at towing, scrapping and buying something else.

Such is life! I don't know too much about cars so I'm open to ideas, anyone?


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