Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Palm T/X

My new Palm T/X arrived a couple of weeks ago (yeah, old news...). I think this is the third or fourth Palm I've owned! I got this one from PDA King on eBay (or rather Andrea ordered it, she knows more about eBay than I do). They are based in the USA, I think, very fast and friendly service. It arrived within two weeks. The best thing of all, is that it only cost me only €212 compared to the €€350 all the stores in Dublin were asking (Dixons, PC-World, I shopped around quite a lot).

( One thing I'd advise anyone ordering on eBay is to look carefully at the references, there seem to be sellers with a fake 100% rating, they have 10 or 20 perfect references from buyers who have no references themselves. They create the fake buyers, complete fake transactions and then give themselves 100% positive ratings. So make sure you check not only the references, but also the next level, the references the referrers themselves get. As I said, I leave that to Andrea. She has a knack for that stuff, and for some reason she can smell a shill from a mile away, but that is another story... Anyway, PDA King is very good, I can testify to that! )

The new palm has all the features I need:
  Contacts, Calendar, Memos, ToDo list
  A good MP3 player and a standard headphone jack
  WiFi/WLAN (802.11b) for Internet
  Bluetooth for phone + laptop connectivity
  SD card slot for photos, MS Office files, MP3s, etc.
  Email and web browser
  MS Office document viewing and editing
  All my other Palm apps, including games
...and my favorite application at the moment Mobipocket Reader.

I'm really getting into eBooks, I'll blog all about it soon.

I should point out, this new Palm isn't a phone or a camera. The "convergence" technology I want (all of the above in one small unit) is still some way away. I got myself a small and simple Samsung for reconneting to O2. Much better than the XDA Exec, I tried Windows Mobile for a while but have to go back to Palm. The XDA was too big, too slow (even with a much more powerful processor), and the battery didn't last long enough. I get about four hours on the T/X, even more if the screen is off, such as when I'm just listening to music.