Thursday, September 28, 2006

Face Recognition!

Following Andrea's post I figured I'd try the facial recognition demon on You upload a picture and it finds similar looking Celebrities using facial recognition.

I tried it four times with four different pictures and I got four completely different lists of celebrities. Not a single name in common. The list below is the funniest, though to be fair it is the worst of the four pictures (the only one I used sunglasses). I got completely inconsistent responses in general, with a strong dependancy on the shape of my glasses, hair style, and I think my cloths (as in the case below). My various celebrity look-a-likes include:

    Bellie Jean King (!!!)
    Linus Thorvalds (yay!)
    Steven Segal (huh?)
    Thom Yorke (doh!)
    Andie McDowal (er...)
    Shophia Copola (???)
    Patrick Stump (who's he?)

I must be a man of many faces...