Sunday, August 22, 2004


Thanks to Brenda and Bob (but not Mike who didn't tell us), we now pay one third of what we used to pay to call Brazil.

Ireland to Brazil, any number, any time, 6.4 cents per minute!

We use Skype, a Voice over IP system. Essentially this is telephone software for your computer, which you download for free and use with a microphone and speakers (built into the laptop in my case), while connected to the Internet. You can talk to any other Skype user for free. No big deal (similar to NetMeeting), but the great thing is that you can also dial any ordinary phone number anywhere in the world. The person you are calling does not need a computer. Your voice is carried over the Internet to the country you are calling, and over regular local phone lines for the "last mile". That is what makes it cheap. VERY cheap!

Best prices, Ireland to Brazil (Euro cents per minute)
(Default state-owned telco)
UTV ClickSilver
(Our current call provider)
(A very good pre-paid call card)
(VoIP provider)

I know I'm beggining to sound like one of those corny adds where actors pretend to be talking about a product, but I'm impressed. Andrea likes it too. I have no idea how well it works if you don't have broadband, but it will save myself and Andrea a fortune. Another reason to get broadband if you don't have it already.