Sunday, August 08, 2004

Boktai - The Sun is in your Hands

I just got a new gameboy game, Boktai. I haven't even started playing it yet but I'm expecting a typical exploration and combat game which pits you against vampires, zombies, and various sorts of un-dead monsters. The gimmick with this game is that it has a solar panel, it detects sunlight, and "stores" it up for use by your solar powered weapons in the game.

I must say I fall for these gimmicks, despite the mixed reviews, rather like the real time clock in Animal Crossing (Boktai has this also, the game gets darker and harder at night). I am expecting to enjoy the cross over between real life and the game. It may occasionally be embarrasing when I have to leave my gameboy on the windowsill at work. There is one major down side though, I live in Ireland.

What was I thinking?! The sun shines here for about 5 minutes in July and that is it for a year. I'm going to be vampire meat!!

In other news...

I lost my bag, it contained my Gameboy Advance but nothing else of value, apart from the bag itself which I liked (despite looking a little bit like a handbag). So an expensive mistake that cost me €140!

I think I lost it at Paul's going away drinks on Friday night. It didn't show up in the pictures though...