Thursday, August 26, 2004

Reasons for Getting Broadband

1. Cost

If you use the Internet enough, broadband might actually be cheaper, as you pay just one fixed fee a month and don't pay for "Internet" calls. If you use in daytime for business or share with a family or flatmates, it will save you money.

2. Usage

You get a lot more out of the Internet if you don't have to worry about the cost and the connection is always "ready". You use it more! You send more emails, so you get more replies. You start writing long boring blogs, like this one.

3. Internet Radio

Check out BBC 6music, not to mention all the other BBC digital channels. All free, all very high quality. There are even some Irish ones!

4. Skype!

Cheap, cheap calls, all you need is a microphone (€5), and you can call any mobile, land line, etc. in USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. for less than 2 cents per minute. (I swear I'm not on commission.)

5. VPN

With a Virtual Private Network (if your company has it) you can work from home when you need to. The file servers, the email system, the in-house Intranet, everything you need is in your living room.

6. What else?

These are just the examples that apply to me, who knows what I'll find next week. You've got movies, shopping, chat rooms, TV, interactive forums, shopping, photo diaries, digital books, online games (from Chess to Star Wars), virtual 3D worlds, live bands, free software, did I mention shopping?, from the local supermarket to goods from Japan? If you can think of it, someone is doing it. Most of it either doesn't work or just isn't fun over dial-up.


So go and buy some broadband! Stop hanging around. The technology is mature now. The free trials are ready now. The price is right now. Break free of the TV! Stop arguing and just do it. Get wireless while you are at it. Internet enable your fridge.