Monday, August 30, 2004

For Mash, Get Smash!

Smash was a dehydrated potatoe product sold by Cadbury's (the chocolete company) for about 10 years from the early 70s. The idea was you'd mix it with hot water and you'd have instant mashed potatoes. As a Google search will confirm, the product is only remembered now for the addvertising featuring cute Martians. The advertising (not the product) has got some attention and awards recently, as you can see from the BBC link, but also on a recent Channel 4 show about the best TV advertising.

More information on the AD (including links to watch it):
  • CIA Advertising
  • BBC article
  • Download Video

    So what? you may very well ask. Well, I am now totally obsessed about the fact that this edible product once existed but I can no longer sample it. Certainly I never had it as a child. It is effectively extinct. I have as much chance of eating Smash as dodo roulade with cranberry sauce. I must know what it tastes like! I have done extensive research on the Internet and all anyone will say is that it tasted like shit. That doesn't help! Can you please be more specific?


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Smash is still available in UK supermarkets - I take it camping with me!

    11:42 a.m., April 29, 2005  
    Blogger Terry said...

    course you can still get it! I just had a bowl of it this second!

    lovely stuff!

    6:21 p.m., February 25, 2007  

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