Monday, March 05, 2007

Eclipse Party

We didn't really have an eclipse party, so put those pictures of nerds with telescopes out of your mind. We had a regular party and the eclipse happened to be at the same time. It was very easy to view in Rio, totally clear sky, a couple of hours after sundown, lovely warm night. We had an excellent viewing platform on the balcony.

These pictures are pretty miserable, I'll explain the technical details in a follow up comment.

Meanwhile, I asked our Ireland correspondent, via SMS, what she thought of the view from the West of Ireland. She reported from Ballina as follows: "..its too bloody cold to go out 2 watch it! I'm having beers in the broken jug instead."


Blogger Mark Lenahan said...

To take pictures of an eclipse you need a decent camera (6MP+), a very good zoom lense (10X), and a good tripod. I had none of that, hence the pictures are small and blurry. Had to make do with a 4MP Canon PowerShot A80, a built-in 3X zoom, and various napkins and rocks. The images were not sized down for the blog, that is as good as the get. If yuo are interested, I switched the camera to manual timer (Tv) mode, +1 exposure, ISO 50, and 2 second shutter delay. I experimentded with various timings, but 1 to 2 seconds seemed to work best. Last image is due to failure of my tripod (the rock moved.)

7:06 p.m., March 05, 2007  

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