Friday, March 02, 2007

Rio De Janeiro

OK, sorry for the posting gap. 4,000 miles have been travelled since last time. Our holidays in Rio have started! The weather has been sunny and about 32 degrees since we arrived. My cough is almost gone, but I can't have a caipirinha until the antibiotics are finished.

So far I've been running and swimming in the sea, reading books, walking around Leblon and Ipanema and eating out. Having a grand time. Nothing else to report so here are some pics I took in the last couple of hours to try and give you an idea with Rio is like today.

Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Leblon from above, photo taken from the waiting room of Andrea's dentist.

Felinis kilo restaurant, Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Felini's, a "kilo" restaurant where they you pay by the weight. Essentially a buffet where you serve you self and they weight your plate on the way back to the table. Better than it sounds, the food in Felini's is excellent! I don't think the charging model would work in Ireland though.

Beach in Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Beach in Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, BrazilBeach at Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
A couple of pictures of Leblon beach. I'll be going for a run there shortly!

McDonald's in Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Yes, they are here also! The token concession to local culture is that many of them have little stand-up espresso bars where you can order a cafézinho. In case you are ever stuck, the Brazilian Portuguese for a Big Mac is "Big Mac".