Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scruffy O'Bear

Some years ago, I think 1998, I had just said goodbye to Andrea after her first visit to Brighton. I was bit lonely on my way back from the train station and got her a stuffed toy to send her in Brazil as a surprise!

On the way home (stuffed toy in hand) I happened to bump into Owen...

"Pint?" he asks.

"I'll drop this home," says I.

"Why not buy him a pint too?" suggested Owen.

Anyway, we figured it would be a laugh to go into a bar, prop the teddy on the counter and order "two and a half pints". The first barman's response was pretty quick - "he's barred", he said pointing at the toy, "starts too many fights!"

Anyway, we went from pub to pub with the toy and some disposable cameras. This went on for about six hours. Well, it seemed funny at the time...

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