Monday, October 18, 2004

Stupid Advertising

I just saw an add on Sky One. (Or maybe it was for Sky One, I obviously didn't get the message.) What stuck was their attempt to portray the saying, "as easy as falling off a log", which simply means very easy.

The character positioned a log, with the cut ends facing up and down, as follows:

He then proceeded to don a crash helmet, stand on, and fall off the log.

The problem... the log positioned as above is not easy to fall off. It is perfectly stable. Why did he fall? Nobody knows. Now, the following log, positioned so that it rolls, is very easy to fall off:

Maybe I'm too fussy, but to mind someone was paid a fortune to make a film of someone else falling off a log and they f***ed it up. Idiots, f***ing idiots! Sorry, rant over, I had to get that off my chest.

Do you like the logs? I drew them myself...