Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bangkok #2

I'll be departing on Saturday morning for my week in Thailand. Very early Saturday morning! I won't be back until Sunday. Tomorrow is my last day in the office until Monday 4th of October. If anyone needs to contact me I'm pretty sure my mobile will work in Bangkok: +353 86 8055814

I sent an email to The Dubliner Pub but they never replied. I still don't know if they will show the football final on Setanta or not. I'm sure they will, I'll just go there on Sunday night and see. I arrive very early Sunday morning, I hope the hotel lets me check in early so I can get a few hours sleep. I might not have any energy to watch the match.

[ Click here to check the Weather in Bangkok ]

To do:

  • Pack
  • Book taxi
  • Iron shirts...