Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mobile Blog from Leblon, Rio

Not long left in my holiday, I'll be leaving on Sunday night and back in work next Tuesday!

I made the mistake of bringing work with me, about 5 days worth (or so I thought). This worked out well before, it is a nice place to work, but this time the nature of the work didn't really suit taking it off site. I spent longer than expected trying to access systems, sending emails, on calls, finding docs, reading bugs, etc. Anyway, it is almost done now, I'll have my last few days not thinking about work.

Not too hot today, maybe 22 degrees. Just had a walk along the beach. Now I'm having a late lunch in a a place called Botequim right in the middle of Leblon. The menu is quite like Academia de Cachaca, but it is primarily a bar, so the food is not quite as good. Handy location though.

I haven't been running since the 31st. That day I did 16km in 80 minutes (very pleased with that time) but the next two days I was laid up with a rotten head cold. Still sniffling a bit. So escaping Irish winter didn't mean I escaped the cold!

See you all next week.